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BIO - REAL1 (Gary Real Rowe)

I am a graffiti artist originally from North London UK and now based in Northern Ireland. I have been on the graffiti scene since the early 90's. Over the years my work has progressed and I still love to experiment a lot with my style whilst still maintaining my unique elements within my work . My work ranges from graffiti, mixed media, illustration and more.


My main influences and inspirations are taken from artists such as; Jean Michel Basquait and the underground graffiti scene from the early 90’s. I am mostly known for my stylized characters and use of mixed media. I try to provoke a reaction or emotion through my work leaving the viewer to interpret it for themselves. Since 2000 I have left my mark and have exhibited in various countries across the world. I have created a large number artworks in my career and have exhibited in places such as London, Namibia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and many other places. I have worked and collaborated with a number of different artists and i'm always up for working with and meeting other artists. I continue to work as an artist across Europe and other parts of the world. In 2015 I founded the streetwear brand and crew "Thick as thieves Uk". Thick as thieves UK is an artist led streetwear brand that produces hand screen printed and designed clothing and a number of limited edition Tee's and more influenced by what we are love, inspired by and are passionate about. The brand continues to grow to date and the Thick as thieves crew is always looking for members world wide to represent.  


Our journey never stops!