REAL ART by Alto Productions

In December 2012 i was approached by Alto Productions.A group of three young talented media students in their final year of study who asked me if i would like to make a documentary about myself and my art. The film shoot took place at T13 indoor skate park in Belfast. I agreed to spray a live piece on some boards while they filmed me.They also held a interview in my studio. Over the three days of filming also took the film crew to a graffiti event full of artists creating art live so they could see different examples of graffiti artists doing their thing besides myself. It was a real pleasure working with the film crew to create this short documentary.

Make sure you check it out, like and share.

#streetart #graffiti #Real1 #graffitiartistREAL1 #Garyrealrowe #video #graffitidocumentary

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