Real1 2017 Exhibition

Happy new year to all and hope that 2017 is a good one for everyone. I have started the new year preparing a new body of work for my solo exhibition this year called "Long days, sleepless nights".

The exhibition is expected to take place this summer in Northern Ireland. In this exhibition i will be focusing on my early days as a graffiti artist up to present date.

I chose the title Long days, sleepless nights because of how i remember my lifestyle to be when i started graffiti. Work all day, spray all night. From the moment i first saw and got into graffiti it became a huge part of my life and still is. I want to use this exhibition to reflect back on the way the graffiti / street art scene was and how it is now.

We all know that it has become much more socially acceptable but has the culture lost its edge? where is it at now? and where is it going or is this just the beginning of something bigger?

I will be exploring this through my work and trying to capture the very essence of what the graffiti scene was and is to me now.

The piece in the picture here is just one of the

pieces I have been working on for this show. I tried to capture the frustration of how everyday life used to be for me working in a job that i hated, being told that my hopes and dreams of being a artist (especially a graffiti artist) are stupid and that my passion for graffiti art was a waste of time and amounts to nothing whilst the artist inside me was thriving and longing to be set free.

I had a good job in the city, my own place and all i needed but none of those things mattered because they didn't make me happy. One of the best days of my life was when i quit my job and gave up everything to live the way i wanted to live and be who and what i wanted to be.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this exhibition i would love to hear them and perhaps use some of them in the show. You can contact me via email :

Date and venue will be announced soon and hope to see you there.

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